New Arrivals
We constantly are receiving and refurbishing equipment.  Our "New Arrivals" are listed on this page but their pictures and data are on the appropriate manufacturer’s page.  We have a high turnover of equipment, and want to give you an indication of the variety we sell.  We will mark the sold equipment here, and on the rest of the site.
Look for the  tag on the equipement pages.
New - June 2019

-Consignment 1983 DMC 1450 WT Super Imp, with front 6-way blade, 2-man cab and 6-man crew box/cargo area, very good tracks and undercarriage, garaged and is well maintained. Machine is located in the Lake Tahoe, CA area. Price on request.

New - April 2019

-2- Consignment Idaho Special attachments. Located in Usk, WA. Price on request.

-Consignment 1989 LMC 1800, diesel, hydrostatic drive, includes front blade and tiller, 5-6 man cab, 5164 hours, extended tracks, extra grousers, two sets of wings for blade, extra set of boggie wheels, brush guard, new drive motor and more parts.  Machine needs new drive pumps and is located in Usk, WA.  Price on request.

-Consignment 1989 Pisten Bully 340D, with front blade and tiller. Machine is located in Usk, WA. Call for more infromation. Price on request.

-Consignment Thiokol 1404 WT, 2- man cab, Ford V4 12 sp., approx 700 hours, 30 gal. aux. aluminum fuel tank, with a new undercarriage, new paint and new foam filled tires, including a spare. This is a great access vehicle, it is small and easy to transport.  Machine is located in Soda Springs, ID 83276. Price on request.

New - February 2019

-Consignment 1989 Tucker 2000 28-4-2 Groomer, front 6-way blade, 2-man cab, 318 Chrysler, Allison AT, 2057 hours, aluminum top rack and rear hydraulics. This is a very clean machine.  Machine located in Bozeman, MT.  Price on Request.

New - December 2018

-1985 LMC 1200 WT, 5-6 man cab, 417 hours, Ford 6 cyl., AT, hyd. front winch and open cargo area. Price on request.

New - October 2018

-Consignment 1963 Thiokol 601, 10 man cab, 1140 hours, Ford 6 cyl., AT, runs well. Machine located in Sterling, MA.  Price on Request.

-Consignment 1963 Tucker 440C, 10 man cab, 6087 miles, Chrysler 6 cyl. flathead engine, is a rare and very nice restoration. Machine is located in Sterling, MA. Price on Request.

-Consignment 2008 Bombardier/Prinoth Trooper, 4-man cab, Perkins Diesel, hydrostatic drive, 124 hours, 53 gal. fuel tank, brush guard, battery disconnect, solar charger and 44" tracks (9' 6" wide machine). Machine garaged and located in Stanley, ID.  Price on Request.

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