New Arrivals
We constantly are receiving and refurbishing equipment.  Our "New Arrivals" are listed on this page but their pictures and data are on the appropriate manufacturer’s page.  We have a high turnover of equipment, and want to give you an indication of the variety we sell.  We will mark the sold equipment here, and on the rest of the site.
Look for the  tag on the equipement pages.
New - January 2021

-1990 LMC 1500 WT, 5-6 man cab, blade ready, 420 hours and open cargo area. Price on request.

-1990 LMC 1500 WT, blade ready, 5-6 man cab, 545 hours and open cargo area. Price on request.

New - November 2020

-1985 LMC 1200 ST, with a 5-6 man cab, Ford 6 cyl, AT, only 770 hours, a hard cover cargo area, blade ready, new paint, good tracks, top rack and a wintch. This machine also has a hydraulic foot brake which adds to the ease of operation. Price on request.

New - February 2020

-Thiokol Spryte, 9 ft wide, 5-6 man cab, Ford 6 cyl., AT, 832 hours, rear heat, ROPS, large open stake side cargo area, pintle hitch, solid tires and aluminum wheels. Price on request.

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